Welcome to PEI

  Dear Ergoers, Ladies and Gentlemen,

This in an official website of Perhimpunan Ergonomi Indonesia (PEI) or Indonesian Ergonomics Society (IES). This web in being developed, due to some error on the previous website. So, some content were lost and must be inserted again.

This web is used as communication media among members of PEI that is known as Ergoers and others. Most of the content were writen in Bahasa Indonesia. This web is presented to all of ergonomic, academicians, designer, engineers, and others as scientific forum to share and discuss about ergonomics from theory to practice. This web also involve aspect of education, research and public services from ergonomics perspective aroung Indonesia, South East Asia and international. Through this presentation, we do hope that ergonomics in Indonesia can develope and have a good impact to Indonesian development of human resources.

Perhimpunan Ergonomi Indonesia (PEI) / Indonesian Ergonomics Society.. Dipersembahkan kepada segenap insan ergonomi Indonesia : akademisi kampus, design engineer, praktisi industri, praktisi kesehatan-psikologi dan masyarakat pemerhati ergonomi. Sebagai forum ilmiah, berdiskusi, bertukar informasi, pemikiran bersama, dalam rangka memasyarakatkan ergonomi dan membangun bangsa melalui pengkajian Human Factor dan Aplikasinya - dalam wadah kebersamaan Forum-PEI.